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Mission Possible Z1541

A Mission Statement P27 son that is Growth and Performance all the way. If you are looking to increase docility, fertility and longevity in your cattle and produce calves that will push the scales down with carcass EPD’s in the top of the breed then  Z1541 will give you all that and more.

Nebula Z693

A Nebula P707 son with tremendous calving ease with a 17 Calving Ease Direct ranking in the top 1% of the breed. Z693 is also in the top 1 % of the breed for Herd Builder and Grid Master. Z693 will add a combination of calving ease, growth and performance, marbling and Stayability to your cattle.

Epic Overdrive A7700

A Epic R397 son out of the great 806 cow family, that is growth and performance all the way that still gives you calving ease.  A7700 has 10 traits in the top 25% of the breed  with a tremendous point spread of -2.9 BW to 119 YW. A7700 will put your breeding program in Overdrive!

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Eddie Curtis

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